Rink, Stories from an Oregon Ice Arena

They came from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Wing Lake, Michigan, Norwood, Massachusetts,Minnesota's Iron Range, and places with long winter ice. These figure skaters, hockey players, and speed skaters had arrived in Oregon, willing to trade their passions for the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. With stories that include a speed skating coach who escaped from the Red Army, Oregon’s PAC8 hockey championships, a youthful Tonya Harding, and the cancer patient who played his last hockey game while hooked to an oxygen tank, Rink tells the consequential tale of how Lane County built an ice arena and how it became so meaningful for thousands of its citizens. 

Additional Reviews

  • Both lighthearted and factually accurate. Mike’s love of this rink – and that of all those about whom he writes – shines through on every page.

Steve Hertzberg, first President Lane Amateur Hockey Association


  • A must read. Rink is an informative, historical, and thoroughly entertaining portrait of a simple building and the hundreds who have skated through it. 

John Nero, Journalist, Author


  • I highly recommend Michal Sheehan’s Rink. The stories are fascinating. Rink is a piece of the puzzle that is the history of Lane County.

   Steve Ives, Author